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A place where lacrosse players are gods and resented by many. We're the cream of the crop, the best athletes, the best parties, and preppy. Lax players know they're awesome and know they're hated, however they don't seem to care and continue wearing their jcrew and polo to piss the white trash off. They throw bangin parties that everyone wishes they went to and are never invited. If you aren't a lax player, you're an athlete. Our football players are hot and the best to party with. Soccer is chill and probably the ones you relax with a corona on ur deck with. Field Hockey are unknown unless they play lax too. Volleyball is random, Basketball was only good a few years back, and wrestlers are those few cool kids with a bunch of randoms. Softball, don't bother, and baseball is pretty nice, those are the guys that will be at the party holding ur beer bong. If ur not an athlete, you fall into the background. The school however is going downhill, being taken over by the younger, braces wearing, wifebeater wearing white trash. You live in HOCO, look like it. If you don't want to conform, go home after school and stay because we're a place that is something to be proud of. Good parties, fun friends, bangin lax, and memories to last a lifetime. Don't ruin it or take it for granted. It's EC...keep it that way
lax is crazy, parties are fun, and polos are required
by no need May 08, 2005

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