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Human Centapied Surgery. the surgery that is preformed on the movie "The Human Centapied". the most horable surgery.
i do not want to have HCS.
by no muscles January 04, 2011
the same as "doggie style" but much much rougher. so hard infact that it makes you bleed
"I couldn't walk straight for a week after having scaggie style with this guy. "I had to put ice imbetween my theighs for 5 hours after getting it scaggie style.
by no muscles September 14, 2010
pissed off mom syndrome.
my mom has poms.
by no muscles October 27, 2010
a fat person that likes to have sex with turtles and eat midgets. A guy that likes to touch peoples nipples regardless of their gender. A guy that distrubutes child pornography. Makes children cry, and makes old ladies shit themselves.
omg i didn't know there were any mushu's in this town.
by no muscles September 14, 2010
when you take a shit in the woods and dont wipe your ass.
man 1: man i had to take a shit and had no tp.
man 2: so you had to go mushing?
man 1: yha man it sucked so bad.
by no muscles October 25, 2010
A disease that you will get if you EVER masturbate. Thats right if you are a guy and you EVER!!! masturbate than your penis will fall of and will be replace by a blue waffle, Google Blue waffle if you would like to know what it is
Omg i was so horny last night and i masturbated and this morning Instead of my usual morning wood i had a blue waffle!!!
My girlfriend wouldn't have sex with me so i masturbated and when i woke up i had a blue waffle, now i'm not sure how to have sex with it.
by no muscles November 10, 2010

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