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2 definitions by no know

Someone who believes major economic decline is eminent leading to the end of the US Dollar as we know it.
A Catastrophe Conservative believes that the monetary system will collapse so he invests in gold, seeds, and water systems. The average CC listens to Alex Jones and others who believe we are in a "Police State". He believes there is no need to pay taxes anymore and let the government dissolve. Governments to him are nothing but "Farms" for "Human Livestock". Just GOOGLE, "Most Dangerous Video On the Internet". He probably watched this video.
by no know February 27, 2011
Secret Societies and other groups sometimes use an "EQ" when communicating in many forms. The embedding of pre-determined information helps members to enrich, shorten, and encrypt a story in seemingly normal conversation.
He will take you down for sure sister. Look at the car he drives. For sure to be a bonafide "Lady in Red".

I guess you are right. Is that another an Educational Quotient from the movie we watched a while back? Kind of like taking the Red or Blue pill I guess.
by no know March 15, 2011