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SMS girls are just wanna be bitches. They are just looking for any way to get laid, not intrested in any sort of long time relationships. They can often be spotted wearing UGG boots (often seen worn by celebrities), 7's jeans, and driving around the greater Raleigh area in their Land Rovers or 04/05 Mustangs. The only reason they are fast talking, is to up hold the well known reputation of previous SMS girls back when it was a college as well as high school. These girls were born into wealthy ass families and will probably never have to work a day in their life (living off parents or marrying on of their one night standers from Woodberry or Ravenscroft or Broughton).
SMS girl: "Oh My F'ing God there is dirt on the bottom of my UGGS. Oh well i'll just get my dad to transfer me some money and go by a new pair"
by noña February 20, 2005

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