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Word used to descirbe a teacher who is down and popular with the kids. A Bezza is also popular amongs the ladies of the staffroom, and is a sporting god.
"He's an absolute bezza"
by nnnsss February 18, 2010
A 'wrighto' is a word to describe a man who is stereotypically masculine, arrogant, and prejudice. 'Wrighto's are usually sports teachers who get their kicks out of making pupils do push-ups and sit-ups. They think they are god's gift to women, despite being sexist and abusive. They also have rascist tendancies, and never fail to chuckle at rascist jokes. 'wrighto's tend to look down on anything or anyone who tends to lack masculinity or testosterone.
"wrighto, wrighto, wrighto, what are we going to do with you?"
by nnnsss February 21, 2010
A gophase is a slightly mysterious and elusive character. Not many people know much about gophases. They are known for their computing genius, and their witty remarks. Gophases have the ability of disappearing for long periods without going unnoticed.
"He has a gophasesque manor"
by nnnsss February 18, 2010
A scale of 1-10, rating how much poontential a girl has.
"I'd give her an 8 on the poontentialometer"
by nnnsss February 18, 2010

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