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(v): when someone takes your lighter without your permission and never returns it; particularly pertaining to Bic brand lighters, but can be used in reference to lighters in general.
Ashley: Oh snap, I think I got bic'd.
Matt: Wait, what?
Ashley: I left my lighter on the coffee table and now it's missing. Someone must have picked it up.
by nmb122289 January 24, 2010
(v): the act of taking something without permission; stealing.
Jeff: Aw man, where's my pen?
Greg: Oh, sorry dude. I borrowed it to write on my desk and i must have accidentally bucked it. Here you go.
Jeff: It's cool, but don't let it happen again.
by nmb122289 January 24, 2010
(adj): a word used to describe something that is particularly good or awesome.
Danny: I am so hungry.
Pat: Don't worry dude, I'm a culinary student, I'll whip you up something in no time.
(ten minutes later)
Danny: Wow! Pat, this food is delicious! Straight fire, man. Thanks.
by nmb122289 January 24, 2010

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