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City in southern New Hampshire- used to be a blue collar mill town populated by French-Canadians but back in the early 1900's. The city has experienced economic expansion and is now part of the Boston-area high tech corridor. It is the only city to twice be named the "Best Place to Live in America".
You know your from Nashua if...

You know who the Emmons are.
by nlsk April 17, 2007
dried crusty cum that sticks to your asswhole.
"When kim was changing i saw some talcum on her thong."
by NLSK May 09, 2008
when someone takes a chode poop or a poop that is wider than it is long after a long, hard day
"I took the biggest choop of my life last night."
"When i was walking home i had to choop so bad."
by NLSK May 09, 2008

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