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mid-thirties wannabe who passed her prime twenty years ago and only gets gigs because of bandmates with the name Arcuri (as in Congressman). Lead "singer" of Utica, NY-based Nancy Kenyon Band.
Don: Jim, wanna go see Nancy Kenyon Band tonight?
Jim: You're kidding, right?
Don: OK, I'll put down the beer.
by nkb eats shit June 20, 2010
slang term for loser that spams over 100 posts a day to advertise for a shitty local band whom no one truly enjoys. Named in honor of Utica, New York-based Nancy Kenyon Band.
Abe: Hey, I just posted a bunch of links to our band on Topix.
Ken: Careful with that, we don't want to appear to be an NKB.
by nkb eats shit June 20, 2010

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