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1. A black chasm of a school which, due to the district apportioners of johnston county, is able to steal the souls of all high school students within a 30-40 mile radius. Cause of serious uprisings and riots among the population of johnston county (especially McGee's Crossroads, 4042 and Benson).
2. A nazi training camp disguished as a public school whose mission is to brainwash the students in attendence and subject them to being "on the prowl with excellence."
3. Johnston County Central Prision.
That school up there on that yonder hill, yea, the one with the teal roof in the shape of a swastika, I heard them there people burned crosses and whatnot inside the school. I'm glad my chilluns go to South Johnston. Those kids fight fire with guns.
by Nixon March 03, 2005
Quality of being a dumbass.
Mac users
by Nixon February 10, 2004
a smally is no fool, he/she knows the score and always will
damn that hott piece of ass is no smally
by nixon July 29, 2004
A man and or asshole with an enormously large head who thinks he's better than everyone else...I wonder if the stripes do make him go faster?
Steve Churchard, Birmingham, Uk. Find the little shit and belittle him in all ways thinkable.
by Nixon October 17, 2003
Quality of being a redneck.
West Virginia Residents
by Nixon February 05, 2004
One badass Urban Terror player.
1337, leet, reet, leetness..
by Nixon May 03, 2004
The noise that a gun makes when it is fired in the cartoon world.
"Pooka! Pooka! Damn...outta buwwets."
by Nixon October 17, 2003

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