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A toothbrush is the thing my friend, Bobert, uses to masturbate with. Especially vibrating toothbrushes.
"omg, I was watching porn and bouncing on my toothbrush at the same time! *bounces*" - Bobert
by Nixie July 16, 2004
nipponsei - the best channel for your anime ost needs~ (leechers' heaven bottlers' hell) <3
how could there be no definition for this before!! <_<
by nixie February 17, 2005
A combination of Gen-san and Smoker-taichou from One Piece (or so i would like to believe)
General? Smoker? GenSmoke?
by nixie February 06, 2005
some irc leecher who likes hentai doujin, naruto hentai to be more specific.
tokiya-kun is sick! he loves naruto hentai!
by nixie February 15, 2005
he who takes pride in being one of the earliest to get the full vers of mahou sensei negima's op/ed themes, and becomes a nipponsei hop because of that
he's kb-ing ppl randomly!! o.o
by nixie February 17, 2005
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