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A medication used to treat extreme cases of drama, and its complications. (angstsepsis, emoitis, whineosis)
person A: And that's when i found out that he's my 3rd brother twice removed. So i had to tell him to stop suckin me cuz there's less insetuous things i can do with my time.
person B: We should put you on dramabiotics before you get a complication.
by niwa_daisuke October 29, 2008
A Serious medical condition often brought on by a 4 pants load of really bad drama in the victimn's life. Symptoms include dizzyness, light-headedness, and an overwhelming urge to solve one's drama problems with a 40 of Jack and a baseball bat.

Angstsepsis is best treated with Dramabiotics.
person A: And Sally got it from Julie, Who gave it to Steve, and that's how I got mono... Oh, and I'm pregnant... I feel Lightheaded....
Person B: Sit down over here and let me get you some Dramabiotics before you get Angstsepsis.
by niwa_daisuke October 29, 2008
An adjective used to describe the amount of pollen (aka: "tree spooge", "plant jizz", "tree jizz") that sticks to individual cars.
Brian: Jeez Bob, And i thought my car was slutty!
Bob: Yeh, mine turns pure yellow in the spring.
by niwa_daisuke April 07, 2009

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