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Geordie charv for "Straights"...

Englishly meaning "yes" or alternatively "really" depending of the context it is used in
chav 1 : "Hew ye.. aye... wor lass giz a probba cush bj last neet"

chav 2: Strights?
by nitrosamines July 10, 2008
a chemical substance found in cigarettes, which causes cancer
"Don't smoke richmond tabs... don't you know they're full of nitrosamines?"
by nitrosamines July 10, 2008
A term refering to a person who has a lack of moral fibres.

addicted to both drugs and sex.
(incl. alcohol)

Loved by males with low self respect.
Sophie's a reet slaggy fanny
by nitrosamines July 10, 2008
pronounced keee-moan-en.

spoken fastly.
meaning "come on then"

Spoken by Geordie Charvs, largely found in new monkey and amateour Mc'ing.
mc : MC MICKEY ON THE M.I.C.....

KEEMON EN!!!!!!!!!!
by nitrosamines July 10, 2008

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