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n. a female (presumably) who enjoys boinking and actively pursuing sexual relationships with cops

syn. "chip"
Becky takes alot of cop schlong. She's a real badge bunny.
#chip #chap #cop groupie #cop #cops #police
by Nite Owl December 21, 2005
n. Expelling a rancid fart in a motor vehicle, then pushing the "window lock" button, rendering other occupants helpless to escape the malodorous assault; variation on the Dutch Oven
My wife gave me bruises when I gave her a Detroit Oven in the car last night.
#fart #dutch oven #flatulence #farting #flatulent
by Nite Owl December 21, 2005
Derogatory name for "Airbus" - a European commercial aircraft company
Unless you have a death wish, don't fly on a Scarebus.
#airbus #airplane #aviation #french #european
by Nite Owl December 21, 2005
n. a technique typically used by law enforcement wherein the wooden baton - traditionally made of wood from the hickory tree - is applied on or about the head and shoulders of a deserving miscreant resisting arrest or otherwise needing a lesson.
COP 1: "Last night, some drunk dude wanted to fight when I went to arrest him. Now he's in the hospital getting his teeth re-aligned."

COP 2: "How'd you get him?"

COP 1: "Gave him the ol' hickory shampoo."

COP 2: "Damn..."
#cop #police #law enforcement #criminal #whoopin
by Nite Owl August 06, 2007
(pronounced "muff-AY") n. a copious amount of attractive women.

syn. "sausagefest"
The frat party is sure to be a muffet, but you'll have to put up with a bunch of frat dorks in between.
#muff #beaver #sausage fest #sausagefest #buffet
by Nite Owl December 21, 2005
v. acting as if you're taking a whiz when you can't due to being pee shy; sometimes accompanied by frequent flushing in an effort to initiate urination
I was so intimidated by the size of the next guy's hog that I had to pretinkle when I couldn't go.
#pee shy #embarassed #public peeing #pee-shy #piss shy
by Nite Owl December 21, 2005
n. particularly stubborn fecal matter that prefers to smear, as opposed to wipe-off; results in mass toilet paper usage and multiple flushes
I went through, like, two rolls of TP because I had a serious case of tar butt.
#tarbutt #dookie #stubborn feces #dirty pedro #smeared poo
by Nite Owl December 21, 2005
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