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Someone who barders, or hagles TITS. They sell them and try to get better prices.
You frikkin tit monger, your pathetic!
by Niokka September 10, 2006
Any type of Crabs scabies or annoying SACK bugs that get into ur genitle region and make u itch and scratch in public, which is fuckin funny but at the same time quite gross.
O crap "scratch scratch" i got bugz on my nugz!!
by Niokka September 04, 2006
1. Something that is totally awesome or cool

2. Something that is nasty or bad

It depends how you use the word in different contexts
1.That trick was Raunch Magaunch.
2.Those rotten noodles were raunch magaunch
by niokka June 14, 2007
another word for vagina, or cooler
Pronounced- Vah-Jean-Is

HAHA she got hit in the vaginis
by Niokka September 12, 2006
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