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Some who, while not outwardly racist, may have negative views towards African Americans. A reserved racist if you will.
"Its not that mom wants to lynch Barack or anything, she just wont vote for him even though he is the best guy. she was raised during the jim crow times and is still a little blacktose intolerant. but shes not a racist."
by ninjarlou January 26, 2008
small talk made (usually by white people) in the office or any public setting to people that are in close vecenity to them that they dont know but feel they should speak with (I.E. in an elevator or sitting next to at a bus stop)to kill the awkard silence. the words said in these conversations are usually meaningless and without sincerity and are there for just noise
white people + noise = white noise.
(two people sitting next to each other at a bus stop while it is raining)

person 1: hey how ya doing

person 2: fine thanks

person 1: hey rainy enough for ya!? hahaha

(this convo was pointless and therefor white noise)
by ninjarlou January 23, 2008
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