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An automobile driven by a cunt. Usually dented, dinged and scratched due to the driver's habit of simultaneously caking makeup over her ugly, gabbing on the cellphone, trying to find a station playing her favorite top-40 pop song, sipping an extra large double foam half-caf caramel iced latte with 4 Splendas, and beating her fatherless whelps in the back seat, instead of paying attention to traffic. A cuntmobile's engine noise typifies neglect of regular oil changes and tuneups, and the brakes tend to squeal at every stop as few cunts understand the importance of changing pads (brake or otherwise).
"Jesus Joey, wasn't your neighbor's car new a month ago? it's all dinged and scratched already" "Yeah, last month it was a new automobile, now it's a broken-in cuntmobile."
by ninjadick March 07, 2010
The tightly curled or densely frizzy hair characteristic of some Black populations.
I can't do a damn thing with my hair today, it's like nigger wool.
by ninjadick December 06, 2010
Grinning Like A Fucking Idiot - an Internet forum and chat interjection, found in limited but growing circulation, comparable to "LOL", "ROFLMAO" et al.

In observation of the fact that most people are not in fact "laughing out loud" when they type "LOL", and 99.99% certainly not literally rolling on the floor on conveying "ROFL", GLAFI is offered as a more honest and literally accurate alternative.
<hobebe>sounded like somebody didn't get in until 4am, hope that nice fellow who brought you home had condoms!
<crackodawn>what's condoms precious? glafi
by ninjadick May 12, 2011
A permutation of "allergy" connoting suspicion or disbelief.
My roommate says she can't vacuum, take out trash or get a job for medical reasons, some bullshit about allergies... but you never see her sneezing, coughing, wheezing or itching, and strangely this lollergy doesn't prevent her from whoring around the gym every night.
by ninjadick May 13, 2010

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