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it's someone who you begin a romantic relationship and they fool you into thinking what you have is true love but then they leave you heartbroken and haunted by the memory of them. It's a love that goes one way..you think about them all the time even after the relationship is over but they just forget about you and continue on with their lives.
" goodbye my almost lover, goodbye my hopeless dream, i'm trying not to think about you...can't you just let me be..goodbye my luckless romance..my back is turned on you..should've known you'd bring me heartache..almost lovers always do"

best song ever..
Almost Lover- Fine Frenzy
by Nina Campbell May 06, 2008
a guy who you will always love to be around because of his rocking personality but occasionally you turn to him when you crave a hookup. You will always love him but the circumstances do not allow you to have a true relationship so you treasure the intimate times you share but know you cannot get fully attached. This is often the case with couples who break up..
" You're my part-time lover and a full time friend" from the song by the moldy peaches.. featured in the movie Juno :)
-my ex boyfriend Max is my part-time lover and my full time friend. He's such as sweet guy and a the best romantic partner but he lives to far away to be my man.
by Nina Campbell January 18, 2008
A girl or guy you keep around to make yourself appear more attractive. They usually have some outstanding quality like humor that makes them worth having around.
Bertha is funny,sweet and smart but she is my fat friend so everytime we hit up the club i get all the guys and the attention.
by nina Campbell October 12, 2007
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