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An expression that can mean surprise or concern. It can also be used alone as sort of an exclamation however the user deems it fit.
My dog just died.
Dag, yo.

Dag, yo, Kyle just asked me out!
by Nina August 20, 2004
The song of Agamemnon and Brother of Electra. Avenged his fathers death by killing his mother and her new found lover.
"one whom, one shame one resolvable relaintless will to release us all. Gotta cut away, clear away, slip away and severe this, umbilical residue. Keeping me from killing you. " A Perfect Circle - Orestes
by Nina February 04, 2004
I think possibly the best looking man ever, who has an unbelievably amazing voice, plays great bass and makes great music - Not to mention my heart skip a beat. (or 20)
Peter Steele.
by Nina January 06, 2004
Another sound that a seahorse makes. Like in that spongebob episode.
Your hourse just wesnawed at me.
by Nina March 01, 2005
Growing city with too many cops and not enough crime. You can get arrested for J-walking here. Known for everyone knowing eachothers business. 30-45 minutes from Baltimore. You have to travel to have fun because the only club is wack ass Exhale were all people do is fight!
Cops in frederick be lunchin
by Nina February 17, 2005
a "singer" who looks like a hobbit
ur so ugly... ur such a clay aiken
by Nina March 06, 2005
Man or woman with a good sense of humour. Talented in many fields. Nice, friendly, outgoing person. Always has friends and plenty of 'attention'from the opposite or same sex.
I wish I was a naftalie! If I were a naftalie I'd be on top of the world.
by Nina January 24, 2005

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