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Break the code to someones ass independent of their gender. In other words, buttfuck them.
Friend: I saw Nilsz today.
Answer: Oh! You wanted him to bryte opp bakdøren yours.
by nilsz June 04, 2010
Launch is a definition when somebody confesses something extremely rare and sick or if someone confesses something for you.
Friend: Begin to pack your stuff, we most go, you use like 15 minutes to come!

2. Friend: Your mother uses 15 to come!

Rest of the friends: Haha! Launch!

Male friend is in love in a German boy!
2. Friend: Launch
by nilsz February 12, 2010
Norwegian word for grapes used in the definition of a boys crown jewels. First used by retired football keeper Erik Thorstvedt, on the Norwegian sport TV-show “Golden Goal”.
Erik Thorstvedt: "Hadde han stått stille, hadde han fått ballen rett i drua!"
(Fuck! I got the ball right in my grapes!)
by nilsz June 04, 2010
Rongpåsan is a word for “ball sack” in Norwegian dialect.

Rogn is the Norwegian name of the three Sorbus aucuparia (Rowan)

Påsan is a dialect for bag or sack.
One day when I was walking home in the dark, someone/something hit me hard in the rognpåsan. Two day later I understood why, it was a nigger!
by nilsz June 04, 2010

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