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Person adhering to the metal culture.
Agressive in nature, yet very fun loving people, know how to have a great time, and thrash/mosh like none others.
Generaly wear black, army clothes, boots, studs and chains. May resemble Rivethead, though DEFINETLY not them.

Also, in Quebec/Canada, most metal heads are not of the "Metallica rulez" type, they listen to the extremely aggressive Death Metal produced from there. Extreme hyperblast and technical bands like Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, Martyr, Neuraxis to name a few are part of this style.
by nil_gnosis April 27, 2004
Although it seems in many places Death metal is a simply brutal primitive form of music, dealing with gore and satan and what not. There IS a form of it highly intelligent, and insanely technical. The Death Metal Bands from Quebec/Canada. This hermetic genre comprises the like of Cryptopsy, Martyr, Neuraxis, Quo Vadis, Gorguts, Spasm, Kataklysm, Unhuman (VERY undergrounds band, extreme technical death/grind), Disembarkation (also very underground, very progressive and technical, which all have the main quality of hyperblast-beats, complex brutal and technical riffing, and surprisingly very little refference to gore and the likes (with certain exceptions). Main themes lie in human psyche, self-developement, emotions, life and even some metaphysics. Others are pure reject of religion and anything conformising.

Well worth a listen to anyone not initiated to this incredible genre of music.
Cryptopsy follow Cannibal Corpse, yet push the limit farther by being more brutal and far more technical, not to mention having less pointless lyrics for the most part.
by nil_gnosis April 27, 2004
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