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1. A party you don't want to be at

2. A group of pioneers who were stranded in the mountains and resorted to cannibalism.
1. BIG BRO: Man, I drove 20 minutes to go to this party but there were all these bad dads drunk on smirnoff ice doing crushed up percocet off a sex and the city box set and all the girls talked with fake british accents and they were drinking sunny d and listerene and at one point we smoked a blunt that i realized was just top menthol sprayed with oven cleaner and i watched someone kill a dog with a chain and then hotbox his truck with nitrous while getting with a clown

LIL BRO: Dude, sounds like a Donner Party

2. BIG BRO: Did you hear about those people who had to eat their family members to survive in the snowfucked ice mounds of the dooomedddest 1800s hills?

LIL BRO: Nawdawg, sounds like a Donner Party
by nikkitemare September 15, 2009
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