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1 definition by nikki1234567890

most people who write definitions for greenwich dont even live here so stfu cause i do. people here dont wear lacoste or polo shirts or preppy clothes with collars like wtf what kind of style is that? i havent seen anyone with coach flats all year round, it doesnt matter if your hair is parted in the middle, and you will not be discriminated against society if you dont wear polos or have prada shoes. lots of people here shop in cheap stores like marshalls and stores where everything is a lower price. most people here arent filthy rich and live in normal sized houses. yes lots of stuff might be overpriced but that does not mean we can all afford it. people dont go to parties everyday, most people actually work for their money. i dont see tons of sports cars driving around on the streets and girls dont go around shopping all day on the avenue. i know that we might live better than other people but that doesn't mean that we are filthy snotty preppy stuck-up people who have no idea what the outside world is like. most people here are nice and if they are mean its not because they are rich. and people who are rich worked for their money they didnt just get it somehow. the stereotypes of greenwich really are hilarious. if you want to know what it is really like, not something out of a movie where everything is perfect and all the people are preppy and filthy rich, stop making up lies just come here and visit it yourself.
All of the greenwich stereotypes are not true.
by nikki1234567890 September 03, 2011