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Simply put- god. A genius in the field of stand-up comedy, which isn't easy nowadays with the likes of clever, satirical comedians like Carlos Mencia. On top of rewriting the book on appropriate, universally appealing stand-up comedy, he starred in an extremely successful sitcom that WAS the 90's. And he is currently making 60,000,000 dollars a year off of syndication, without lifting a finger. Sadly, the shows significance is being overshadowed by an even more innovative, creative show titled "Mind of Mencia". Which is currently getting rave reviews in its third season on comedy central
"luckily people of mexican descent are associated with yardwork, laziness, and the word "wetback"- or else my 30 minute program would be nothing more than a 30-second studio short"
- carlos mencia
“According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you'd rather be in the casket than up there doing the eulogy"
-jerry seinfeld
by nikki kircos October 22, 2007

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