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125 definitions by nikki

or ICS - female private part, pussy
I got her so hot her ice cream sammich melted.
by Nikki April 05, 2005
A foosball reference/play. Generally a one time shot by the right wing forward to the far end of the goal which is assisted by the center.

Parm Bhatti is the only one who falls for this play even when he knows it is coming.
MTK Worker #1: You just got Parm'd!!
MTK Worker #2: Oh man, that's embarrassing!
Parm: Dammit!
by Nikki October 27, 2004
Big Tits
Jacs has big tits
by Nikki June 13, 2003


can be either one, however in most hindi songs it is usually refered to eyelids
your palkein are pretty
by nikki December 14, 2004
a synonym for play me better or whatever
girl 1-I heard you go out with ugly Steve.

girl2-girl bye!
by Nikki December 03, 2003
1. A word expressing overly amusement
2. A stronger "sweet"
"I wanna boink Nikki's Sweetanzy ass."
by Nikki March 21, 2003