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card game that is usually played by stoners...while getting stoned
kristin! lets play another game of weed!!!
by Nikki September 25, 2003
The worst sport in the world EVER. In USA it is what 'hardcore' guys do but in good ol' England it is just a lesbian private school game for girls. You have to play it in the rain and mud and cold with lezbo games teachers trying to look at your ass.
Lesbian Freak: Yo lets go play some lacrosse!
Me: No way you freakin eejit.
by Nikki March 10, 2005
Lame phrase thought up by internet nerds who have nothing better to do than sit on IRC and create catch-phrases from other people's typos. A pop culture thing.
the new lame-ass computer game that we're all obsessed with is TEH WIN!
by Nikki November 05, 2004
The worst f-ing sport in the world. In USA its is a real 'hardcore' guy sport but in good ol' England it's just a lesbian private school girls sport. You have to plau it in the mud and the cold with lezbo games teachers staring at your ass.
Lacrosse wierdo: How about spending our lunch break playiong lacrosse!!! Wild!

Me: Get a life you freak.
by Nikki March 10, 2005
Who my mom compares me to, because of the clothes i wear and how im shopping all the time, and because i can be the worlds biggest blonde.
"Nikki ur not paris hilton, u cant shop all the time!" ~ my mom
by nikki April 19, 2004
All of you people who call Paris Hilton anorexic, ugly, and a rich bitch are most likely fat, ugly, and poor...get a life and stop bitching about other people...
fat, ugly, poor person: "OMG did you see Paris Hilton? She is so ugly and looks like a stick...I would never do that rich bitch..."
by Nikki March 30, 2004

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