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What Sum 41 should be called.
No example.
by nikkan_hanil January 16, 2004
What's this? A punk band that is not AFI and does not suck total ass? It's true. ^_^
I don't need to give you no damn example! >_<;
by nikkan_hanil December 10, 2003
A Photoshop clone intended for less computer savvy folk. Commercialized on television.
Photato is like a "Diet Photoshop".

At least the name is funny.
by nikkan_hanil July 12, 2004
A geek practice. Used by those who think that engagin in stupid cybersex sessions and coralling internet hoes is "the way of the playa".
In reality, you don't know whether that's a celebirty of some dude's fat 43 year old uncle on the other side of the web, stupid.
by nikkan_hanil January 19, 2004
A really cool word. See above definition.
Holy crap! "Kureji" rocks my socks!
by nikkan_hanil January 15, 2004
Hardcore fans of Homestar Runner. Absolute geeks with a sense of feeling that waering a Homestar t-shirt bi-daily and visit the site everyday claiming that it is "the best site evar". Usually hardcore homestar fans are extremely annoying cum dumpsters. There is a difference between visiting the site every now and then and saying that Homestar is a god.
Hardcore Homestar Fans...

-Buy and wear Homestar merchandise to an excessive level
-Imitate Homestar Runner's accent and speech
-Give out impossible to recognize references to secret parts of the Homestar website, like 90% of all urbandictionary.com Homestar fans.
-Are socially outcasted because of thuer sick obsession to this highly overrated website.
by nikkan_hanil January 15, 2004
A word invented by great black rapper, Chris Rock. Used to apply to insurance.
I call "insurance" "incaseshit". As in "incaseshit" happens.
by nikkan_hanil December 14, 2003

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