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A defunct, awesome Korean hip hop duo.
"CLON" is pronounced "clone".
by nikkan_hanil May 04, 2004
What fans of urbandictionary.com have when they start defining people instead of actual terms.
When I defined my friend, I had urban psychosis! Eek! o.o
by nikkan_hanil May 04, 2004
Supposedly something that your computer has that propably won you an hourly contest twice 15 seconds ago.
Your unique Banner ID has won our hourly contest! Click here to claim your prize!
by nikkan_hanil January 15, 2004
Sometimes prounced "jibba-jabba". Although it is only a made up word (made by African American, mohwak sporting, gold chain wearing, wrestling superstar, Mr. T), it is sometimes used today by weird school kids. Copy off of Mr. T too much however, and he will throw you.
Shut yo' jibba jabba or I'm gonna throw you, foo'.
by nikkan_hanil December 15, 2003
Underwear garment that costs $30 a pop, when regular undergarments are 10 for $5 and they look like they are the most useless torture devices evar. On a woman however, it's all good. Also used to describe a type of sandal.
-That man on the beach is in a thong. Please remove him.
-I never imagined her wearing a thong until it was showing outta her pants. Whoah...
by nikkan_hanil December 11, 2003
What's this? A punk band that is not AFI and does not suck total ass? It's true. ^_^
I don't need to give you no damn example! >_<;
by nikkan_hanil December 10, 2003
Proper name for "McDonald's".
My crush eat some 5,000 calorie sandwhiches at MacSatan's. Pity her.
by nikkan_hanil December 10, 2003

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