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One of the greatest hip hop groups of all time. A defunct rap group of 7 members in Korea who splice one of a kind ghostly sounds and old school beats. Most unique rap sound in the world. The members are: Digiry, Park Myung Hou, Garie, Kill, Jura, Young Poon, and Su-Jung.
Two members, Garie and Kill, branched off and formed Leessang.
by nikkan_hanil July 02, 2004
One of the many slogan changes for McDonald's. They changed it from "We Love to See You Smile" because they really don't love to see you smile. They would rather take your money and watch you cringe in pain from food poisoning a day later.
McDonald's: A staple in the diet for teenage preppies.
by nikkan_hanil July 01, 2004
Should be called "Fadkins diet".
American people think not eating bread will make 'em lose weight. How 'bout doing something that works, like gettin' off ya freaking jello tush and work out?
by nikkan_hanil April 12, 2004
When you know what's the dilly, yo.
-"Got some connections, bro..."
-"I know my shit."
by nikkan_hanil June 30, 2004
A decent fighting game, contrary to poular belief. Also to the contraier: it's worth buying or even renting for the gameplay and great graphics and interactive destructive environments and not just for the babes. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball was absolute shit sellout just to make college geeks buy the game just for the possibilty of playing with DDD sized girls.
The "Dead or Alive" series has many jiggling boobs, thighs, a pinch of cleavage, and some pantyshots. Wank material for the fanboys.
by nikkan_hanil December 14, 2003
Means "tent" in Latin.

This is where the remainder of the unconsumed consecrated Hosts from the mass are stored after Mass, usually for adoration.
The Body of Christ is stored in the tabernacle, therefore, Jesus is physically present inside of the tabernacle.
by nikkan_hanil July 01, 2004
A star with six points. Some look like the Jewish David Star and others have large top and bottom points, though it varies. One of the oldest religious symbols in the world, it was used by many different ancient faiths.

The unicursal hexagram is a six pointed, symmetrical figure drawn with one continuous movement. It was devised by Golden Dawn and adapted by Aleister Crowley as a device of personal significance. It was created for the purpose of drawing the figure in one continuous movement, as the other magical polygons are created- the pentagram is one example. Crowley's adaptation placed a five petalled rose, symbolizing a pentacle, in the center; the symbol as a whole making eleven, the number of divine union.
A beautiful but mysterious and potent symbol.
by nikkan_hanil June 30, 2004

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