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Aaliyah Dana Haughton commonly know as Aaliyah. Also called Liyah,Baby girl, Wonder Woman, Angel,Queen of RnB,Queen of Neo-soul.A famous actress/singer/dance a female idol. She was a Tomboy which showed that you dont have too dress sexy to be sexy. Her trademark was a peekaboo hair style that covered her left eye. She died tragically in a plane crash August/25/2001.She was loved by million of fans which show why she went plantinum on her first album double on her second and triple on her third. She is greatly missed and still lives on in my and many other hearts today.

A:"I miss BabyGirl"
B: "Who?"
A: "roccck da boat rock d.."
B:"Ohh my b that's my gurl maynn"
by nikibabyyea January 09, 2009

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