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25 definitions by niki

A weed smoke
let's go smoke a gagger
by niki May 19, 2003
a name used for a large penis, such as my own
i whipped out the general for my bitch

my general was saluting when i saw a fine shawty
by niki August 28, 2003
The best music ever. The tackt is 7/8.
95 % of the people on Balcan peninsula like it.
In Bulgaria most people deny it, but the they listen to it in secret.
The lyrics are very valuable.
Napipaj gooo! V racete tvoi da ...
by niki April 07, 2005
an amazing talented STUNNING lady. who is soo down 2 earth and her n jay are the cutesttt couple evaa!!! All u h8ers are jealous!
I'd rather be wit u coz i love da way u scream my name
by niki April 13, 2005