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Good looking average kind of guy at school you see him you can become friends straight away. He has heaps of besties, he's popular, especially with the girls they love him, they want to be with him. He just likes that girl with the sporty personality who is gorgeous and nice to everyone except the people Noah hates too. He is sporty, with that personality basketball!
"Oh my god did you see the new kid Noah"
"Yes he's so hot and good looking"
"I KNOW he plays basketball he is so my type"

"I saw him first so he's mine back off"
"No sorry he likes me :) "
by Nikey March 20, 2013
the period of constant laziness right after the holidays
Girl1: hey ya! hw was skul
Girl2: dang was tired like a matha ey
Girl1: hahaha it cud be that ur sufferin frm HDS
Girl2: HDS?
Girl1: hahaha yeah Holiday Distress Syndrome totally sux ey
by nikey April 30, 2009

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