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what appears around the dick of a guy who does not shave.
Bud had a severe dick bush.
by nikeolous May 18, 2006
one who has had a sudden slutty feeling take over them after drinking heavily all night.
Lauren was so gemmed that she went naked roof jumping and slept with a guy whos name she cannot remember.
by nikeolous May 18, 2006
to be the highest mother f*$cK#r of all of your friends.
Pippin is lit out of his mind!
by nikeolous May 18, 2006
to bit so drugged out that you can do nothing but smile and cream your pants.
Aaron was so hyphy that he came in 3 seconds.
by nikeolous May 18, 2006
one with whom you have a random hook up (usually after getting shit housed) and cannot remember their name in the morning.
I humped bud last night.
by nikeolous May 18, 2006

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