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6 definitions by nike

A young teenage slapper, who sits on the rubbish bins outside "corrigans" or "gilly's" arcade whilst swinging their legs eating fish and chips trying to get the boy racer's attention.
"Quick josh, lets do one, that binslag's trying to get in our car"
by Nike April 14, 2005
10 2
Russian term for "bull", hard headed individual
you're a bik and a half!
by nike March 23, 2005
19 12
An annoying flying rat, also known as a "seagul" that flies around Scarborough beach, looking for innocent victims to bomb
Josh: "lets go to the seafront"
Lee: "Nahhh, too many shiyte hawks"
by Nike April 15, 2005
6 3
Excrement, to poo, lay a cable, King Richard the third, turd
1.Omg, chris just shiyte himself
2.Im off for a shiyte
by Nike April 15, 2005
2 0
a person who cheats at SOCOM US Navy SEALs.. ;)
umm.. LiQ... <3
by nike July 14, 2003
4 8
gimp,newb,noob,poor player
he played like an opz. he didnt have a clue what he was doing!
by nike January 21, 2004
1 16