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The piece of flesh between your A*** Hole and your Private parts.
I had the runs so bad it was dribbling down my numpty
by Nik January 22, 2004
Breasticle - A breasticle is a "saggy and hairy scrotum like breast."
I have breasticles...
Dude, that girls got breasticles.
Ouch you kicked my breastcle.
by Nik April 10, 2004
The greatest AIM user on the internet.
That aim user Hawks9NKH is very cool.
by Nik August 27, 2003
a lil azn gurl that is deeply obsessed with sum lil guy. is a tomboy cuz she has no gurl siblingz, sad lil gurl..
1)ur just like that gurl, van anh!
2)i wish i waz van anh.
3) van anhz soo sad shez like a guy.
by nik January 12, 2005
LOL!! tahts funnie, see guns n' roses this is the definition that people search for that dont know shit about gn'r and hate them.
person: i HATE guns and roses!
gn'r fan: nedver heard of them, i LOVE guns n' roses though!!!

get it..?
by Nik October 05, 2004
A defunct political party, from around the time of washington and jefferson.
Do i realy need to clarify this further?
by Nik March 27, 2004
The button that you click on that is usu. to the right of a text box.. sometimes says Look up on the other side.
I typed search, and clicked search, and then wrote this...
by NIK January 19, 2004

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