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known as moravian highschool. EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR BUISNESS LEGIT.

all but one of the soroitys are weird
all but on of the fraternities are weird

squirells are everywhere

you most likey will get in trouble one day... it happens

interesting people attend here including a bunch of grenades and dykes.

"smokin the reeeefer"

jo smith- "hoe smith" or lesbians
rau-if you enjoy going to sleep at 8pm this is the perfect dorm for you
hassler- no one cares
willy- again, no one cares... grimy
bernie- where its at... PARRRRRRRTYYYYYYYYy dorm
dudeeee, moravian college is part two of my highschool life.
by niiiiggga wit money December 06, 2010

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