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4 definitions by nihiice!

crazy frozen europes best 4-field berry mix grade A eaten while crazily being crazy on the webcam. cool way to say frozen fruit
-hey! look! its ur face on webcam! waitaminute, what r u eating?
-its hash fruit baby!!! yeah!
-gimme soma dat fruit
by nihiice! November 19, 2004
11 4
(ahaha I can't beleive someone already had this definition)

-yo u got sum green candy
-yea, blazing is amazing
by nihiice! March 01, 2005
9 5
a shizzle way of saying now! could be said stricly, casually, street talk...
-yo u wanna come shizzle at dis crib?
-yea yea!
-aights aights, 7mins if i don't get shot on the way!
by nihiice! October 18, 2004
5 4
Someone who gives rly good hickies
yoo that leech lady gave me the biggest hicky ever
by nihiice! January 07, 2006
15 27