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after sitting on the toilet and having a nice bowel movement
you get up to flush and see that nothing is in the toilet!!
you have just made an invisible poopie poop !!!!
did you just fart ??? i see poop dust !! no i just did
an invisible poopie poop
by NightWolf777 May 20, 2007
an unusual sex act, usually the result of a bender. the badgers are usually embarrased and never quite the same again!
Little Miss Slutty Pants went on a bender and the next day photographs of her with crisco and badgers ended up in the local paper. Her friends suggested she stay away from the
Zoo !
by NightWolf777 May 20, 2007
a really heavy person that is in front of you in line at Walmart, who lets out an obnoxious fart from their anal cavity , thus covering you in their poop dust!!!!
Dave: Laurie duck now we are in back of the biggest poopdustopotamus I have ever seen !!!
Laurie: Thanks Dave !!!!
Jamie(covered in poop dust): You both suck !!!!!!
by Nightwolf777 June 25, 2007
a nasty ass bowel movement that covers everything in feces and poop dust, much like an ass explosion of diarrhea or a bad case of swamp ass. seriously entertaining !!!
The bathroom at work smelled like boiled dinner, I knew immediately who had dropped the poop dust bomb in there !!!
by nightwolf777 July 17, 2007
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