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A suburb east of Edmonton that is significantly wealthier and whiter than its neighboring city. Sherwood Park's mean household income is $121 000 per year and demographically is 99% white. Kids in Sherwood Park are apathetic and are used to being given everything in life. Teens think they're the shit cause they drink underage and their parents buy them expensive cars. People in Sherwood Park are typically taller, more attractive and overall better than Edmonton people. It is cool to know a black kid, if you're lucky enough. Just about every teen drinks underage and hooks up with many members of the opposite sex. Every guy thinks they're huge and will commonly be seen pumping biceps in a tight sleeveless or wifebeater at a local gym. Kids frequently complain about living in Sherwood Park, but have no idea how much better it is in everyway to Edmonton.
Person 1: Man did you see Jersey Shore last night?

Person 2: Ya I did! Let's go to a Sherwood Park party and emulate them.
by nighthawk 55 May 21, 2011

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