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Disney Channel: A means to ruin kids brains into thinking that there are no parents in life. If a parent does decide to offer advice they are ridiculed, setting the idea that a 13 year old boy or girl knows anything. Each show is about children between the ages of 8-18. Somehow, many live in tony metropolitan settings without being able to pay for rent or food. There are no parents to offer advice. When there are parents they are idiots. Disney is doing a great job to undermine parents jobs to teach them about life. Instead, children believe that they are autonomous.
Dad: Hey Sienna and Josh, why don't you stop watching the Disney Channel and do your homework. It is due tomorrow.

Kids: Fuck off you idiot. We will do it later. Get us some Reeses Crunch bitch.

Dad: ok
by Nightfly September 19, 2014
A vagina that can expel a copious amount of thick fluid similiar to mayonaise.
I had to take my slacks to the cleaners after that juice was launched from her burping schmeghole.
by nightfly November 07, 2003

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