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A language adapted from English which has no grammatical rules. Generally, only niggers speak this.

A synonym of ebonics.
I couldn't understand that nigger because he was talking in Nigglish.
by niggerh8er69 March 31, 2010
An adaption of English that includes Spanish words and grammar.
I couldn't understand that spic because he was talking spiclish.
by niggerh8er69 April 01, 2010
A male version of a niggress.
That nigger married a niggress!
by niggerh8er69 March 31, 2010
A racist is someone who treats one kind of race differently than another.
All niggers are racist against white people.

Obama was elected president do to racism in America.
by niggerh8er69 March 31, 2010
A female nigger, usually the wife of a monkey.
Barack Obama married a niggress.
by niggerh8er69 March 31, 2010
A person of any hispanic decent, also called a spic. These people are often suspected to be illegal immigrants because most don't wait to file citizenship information like Europeans do. These people normally smell like mushrooms, transfer drugs from Mexico into America, and steal work from born Americans.
There was a van filled with Mexicans illegally entering America!
by niggerh8er69 April 01, 2010

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