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Often the silent Champion to any girl in distress. Uvaldo is a true warrior unparalleled to any who challenge him. Chuck Norris calls him his "Equal". Once a child stared into Uvaldo's eyes, the poor boy started to cry. When asked what he saw he responded "the death of everyone". Uvaldo is humble and has a clear mind which allows him to see through lies. When asked "what girl does he like?" Uvaldo laughed. All girls like Uvaldo but they can't have him. As for sports... Don't challenge this guy at tennis! He walks on a whole different court than anyone else. Unlike anything else Uvaldo is the best friend anyone could ever have. When asked for help, Uvaldo goes above and beyond any expectations.
"Equal"-Chuck Norris...uvaldo
ITTS GODVALDO-Asian voice....uvaldo
#uvaldo #waldo #god #religion #government #anarchy
by niggawho? September 29, 2011
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