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One of the greatest channels in the history of IRC. Located solemnly on the network of EFNet, #LsG serves music to music lovers everywhere. The channel operators are very intelligent and credited with having invented the MP3.
<jasontate> I'm so glad to be part of #LsG. We Rule !
by niggan8 August 22, 2006
Acronym for First Bong Rip of the Day. Associated with being the best high of the day, your first. Chronic enhances the effects.
thank god i just took my fbrd
by niggan8 July 22, 2006
roll a blunt then stick the blunt in your bong bowl. pack the chronic around teh blunt then spark it
pass around the bong with no need to spark it
when you get to the bottom you get huge hits from the resin of the blunt.

Yo nigga, spark that high nigga pie.
by niggan8 May 04, 2006
The act of spreading marijuana seeds. Throw them in your school lawn, football fields, local businesses. Anywhere is a good place for green. Throw handfuls of them. Make them grow everywhere. Make it a huge problem for law enforcement.
lil johnny got caught seeding the police station now hes locked up
by niggan8 July 12, 2006

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