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adjective. Describes a type of person that is quite eccentric and unique, but in a negative way. This expression is in reference to the strange customs of Chinese Americans that fail to assimilate into the American culture. eg. 1. they pick their noses in public. 2. They attempt to take as many free things as their pockets/purses will fit, with their heads down, because they know that it's still wrong to take free things in those quantities. 3. They have no regard for the fellow man.
This expression describes a person that is so out there, that they actually make a Chinese person seem normal, with all the negative assumptions in mind.
WTF? is he actually using a coupon at the $0.99 store? That's off for even a chinese!!!
by niggaman star33 October 05, 2011
phenomenon. The uncanny ability for a OBGYN to distinguish a ladyboy from a lady after years of associating faces of patients with the appearance of their crotch. The expert is even able to predict the gender of a ladyboy of thai tranny caliber.
Dr. P: Wtf how did u score a 90% on the ladyboy test?
Dr. S: oh it's easy her face to crotch correlation was a 7 favoring a woman.
Dr. P: ...
by niggaman star33 November 08, 2011
verb. Resembles the symptoms of a hangover induced by alcohol consumption. These include but are not limited to, being in a state of lower consciousness, extreme nausea, and tension headaches. Being stungover, however is induced after a night of smoking marajuana.
Oh, man i'm so fucken stungover i feel stupid like a illiterate nigga.
by niggaman star33 November 05, 2011
A method of heating up cheap sake to warm temperatures to improve the taste to acceptable levels. Simply place the sake on the steps and mount the bottle against the corner to keep the opening from being submerged. Hot tub sake should be consumed after at least 20 minutes of incubation in the hot tub.
Oh man this hot tub sake is awesome. u get drunk that much faster drinking in the hot tub.
by niggaman star33 December 04, 2011

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