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The ultimate dickriding bandwagon experience. This is even worse than the dickriding of Haiti 2010 or Obama 2008. The concept of KONY 2012 is to raise awareness about a Ugandan war criminal named Joseph Kony. The white liberals seek to cure their white liberal guilt and satisfy their self-righteous selves by posting stickers, sending videos, etc about Joseph Kony. They are oblivious to the fact that the current problems in that region stem primarily from western imperialism and colonialism and so are unable to see the silliness and stupidity of asking the institutions who murdered, raped, pillaged the people of africa to now come and save the day. White liberals must understand that the white nations really have no moral authority to send their armies into the lands of Africa. The slavery mentality that black people will never get ahead or achieve anything valid unless white people help is what is keeping the black man in a state of decline.
My friend - "Why are all these white suburban high school kids wearing KONY 2012 shirts"

Me - "Because they want the government to help the Ugandan military kill war criminals"

My friend - "You mean they want white western nations to train Africans on how to kill other Africans"

Me - "Yes, exactly what it is"
by nigerianamericanwithanopinion March 06, 2012

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