190 definitions by nicole

Nicole's little brother; Michael
I saw Queerbag at the mall today...
by Nicole February 19, 2004
stuff that heather was looking at while on a music trip in virginia beach. also see "adult desires."
heather! you and that prono has got to stop!
by Nicole May 27, 2003
best friend, generally the ultimate best friend

derived from the word bffl
Elendea is my biff, we have known each other for 6 years.
by Nicole June 15, 2006
water pouring down in order to bathe yourself
"I'm so dirty I'm going to take a shower."
by nicole August 07, 2003
A dirty ass skank who thinks she's too good to work at Mcdonalds with the rest of us, enjoys whining about everything...also see prep
Don't be such a Beth!
instead of "Bitch" yell "BETH!!" really loud...it's a great insult.
by Nicole March 10, 2004
a RiDiCuLoUsLy HoT sPiKeY hAiReD bOy wHo SiNgS nD pLaYs BaSs
I wish my boyfriend was a scoochy.
I\'d like a piece of that scoochy.
by NiCoLe April 26, 2005
meaning a peruvian grl/guy ; cholo ; a hispanic
He's a hispanic pepe.
by nicole February 27, 2005

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