190 definitions by nicole

1)used when really happy r in a extremly good mood, or when something almost feels unreal.
2)When someone does something you enjoy and find funny or odd.
1)That makes me feel like a monkey.

2)Your such a monkey dude.
by Nicole October 31, 2004
a football game with a half time show where janet jacksons boob pops out after justin rips her shirt off
did you watch the superbowl this weekend? that was the best damn half time show ever!
by nicole February 03, 2004
A real tight fool that I love to death! Him Alex, and JP are addicted to shocking themselves with strobe lights... And I would never change anything about u.
Man I cant wait till Alonzo's parents go out of town. ;)
by Nicole November 12, 2003
A male or females pubic hair before it curls and bushes out.
Your louch is coming along nicely. or My louch is taking so long to curl, I am freaking out about this weekend when i am having some sex with my boyfriend.
by Nicole July 03, 2003
usually wears suspenders and pocket protecter, has glasses. pens and pencils in front pocket. carries a pocket calculater. thinks chasing away bird to destroy the habitat, eats toxic rain is bad!
i beleive this fits the description of MMMIIIAA no further explanation.
by nicole December 06, 2004
The sweat stains on your shirt underneath your armpits.

Derived from Norm on the tv show Cheers.
Man it is sure hot out today. Check out that guy's norms!!
by Nicole June 13, 2003
stuff that heather was looking at while on a music trip in virginia beach. also see "adult desires."
heather! you and that prono has got to stop!
by Nicole May 27, 2003

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