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190 definitions by nicole

To go buck: To get hillbilly on someone.
i.e. Don't make me get buck on you retard.
by Nicole October 11, 2003
A group of kids who dress in what they want to wear, just like every other labeled group. This group of kids though get more discriminated against because they wear certain brands of clothing like Abercrombie, AE, and Hollister. People judge them as sluts just because most of them look good in revealing clothes and like to wear whatever they want, but um how would these people call them sluts if they know nothing about them? A normal group of kids with just different likes than all the other cliques.
Preps are just like all the other cliques, just with different interests.
by Nicole August 07, 2004
I thynk a wanksta iz a wanna be gangsta
by Nicole March 18, 2003
a female version of poozle
lauren is gettin some major doozle tonight!
by nicole March 13, 2005
The definition "chode" is the area between the penis and the asshole. Not a long and very wide pemis, you losers!
f ck fear drink CHODE I'm temperchodal 90% tepmer 10%CHODE (DON'T TOUCH MY chode)
by Nicole August 31, 2004
An experince one recieves when touching themselves at night and kills dinosaurs!! That being said it is like a whole new genre of Orgasm dedicated to Matty boo!!
NO, joke ladies I had the wetest Mattgasm.....Oh my G!!
by Nicole October 10, 2006
A term to describe a female who has slept with a large number of men, i.e. a slut or a skank. Deriving from the term "she's been around the block too many times"
-I'm goin out with Erika tonight
-Watch yo-self that bitch is outta gas
by Nicole November 07, 2004