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The very deserving, talented, gorgeous, genuine, intelligent, charming winner of the first Australian Idol!
The ideal man!!
by Nicole March 07, 2004
-instead of saying mother of god, its a more powerful way of saying it
-when something is amazing
Lisa: I wanna lose my virginity with you
Thomas: Holy mother of convenient God!

Lisa: I still dont get it...
Thomas: Mother of convenient God...
by Nicole February 16, 2004
-a phrase to say when frustrated
-another way of saying son of a bitch
Mom: Timmy, you have to do chores now.
Timmy: Son of a crap...
by Nicole February 16, 2004
cock sucking bastard.Adj.-Often refered to as cock sucking bastard by their mate or fucking companion when dissappointed. Verb-A homosexual who is literally sucking a cock and has no father figure.
Ki-Ki: My boy friend went and threw his saggie nuts arond on some skanky slut.
Ki-KI's Mom: Honey thats what we call a cock sucking bastard!
by Nicole September 19, 2003
Not worth it
I was going to be the kool-aid man, but i figured its nwi.
by Nicole May 17, 2003
rude, to snap at someone
You didn't have to be so snarfy
by Nicole January 02, 2005
nadsat for wonderful....lovely word
"how are you my brother?"
by nicole August 28, 2004

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