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The main airport in Paris. Also called Charles de Gaulle. It is really nice, much better than JFK.
I took the metro/rer to roissy, and then boarded my plane to the United States.
by Nicolas Sarkozy August 25, 2007
One of the great things about france, bike racing.
Lance armstrong raped the tour de france seven years in a row with one testicle.
by Nicolas Sarkozy September 15, 2007
A discount airline with really cheap prices. However, they will charge you a bitch if you are overweight.
example 1: Easy jet can fly you from Madrid to Casablanca for 50euros round trip.
example 2: But will charge 80euros because your carpet was over the weight limit (by 5kilo), on a trip from Rome to Paris (ticket was only 30 euros).
by Nicolas Sarkozy August 25, 2007
Ciampino is an airport in Rome. It used to be a military airport (now civilian). Discounter Easyjet flies out of ciampino.
I flew easyjet from Ciampino to Orly.
by Nicolas Sarkozy August 25, 2007
God's choice powder.
The lord Jesus Christ came to earth to snort some cocaine.
by nicolas sarkozy September 19, 2007
Airport in Paris. Usually has flights within Europe.
On my way to the States I flew from Ciampino to Orly, and connected to Roissy (aka Charles de Gaulle).
by Nicolas Sarkozy August 25, 2007
the american who rides bicycles better than the french.
Lance Armstrong rapes all europeans when it comes to bike racing. Other americans are just so fat, they had no chance of competing with him to begin.
by Nicolas Sarkozy September 15, 2007

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