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Jessicka wanted to call the band Jack In Jill but after a drunken night out with Marilyn Manson, he persuaded her to call it Jack Off Jill... think i got that from jessicka.com great site loads of pictures. But yeah they are my favourite. Ive not really heard any of Scarlings stuff. JOJ broke up in 2002 after tensions between band members (apparently robin and jessicka). They never topped the charts or headlined anything (which is a good thing i guess) but they were amazing and jessicka has such a great voice.
'My cat is amazing, he can play the guitar, he can break my arm in seven places, he can eat a whole watermelon' Jack Off Jill- My Cat
by Nicola April 17, 2004
A city where my boyfriend goes to for his holidays, the reason for his re occuring visits is because weed is legal there.
"Black crack alley mate, there's all prostitutes in the windows!"
by Nicola April 16, 2004
Videos, dvds, magazines and pictures of explicit sexual nature that my boyfriend watches when I'm not there.
Nicola: Why do you watch porn?
Nicola's bf: You're not always there.
Nicola: Yeah but arousal off other women that's really hurtful.
Nicola's bf: I can't do nothing can I?Can we change the subject please?
Nicola: You really upset me. I know you are not watching it so you can get ideas about us two. You watch it for the other women.
by Nicola April 25, 2004
Derogatory term for a native of Australia or New Zealand.
How is your tinnie friend doing?
Screw that place, it's packed with tinnies.
Get out fo my face, you tinnie.
by Nicola November 12, 2003

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